Next Steps – What to Expect
Reagan Waggoner

Here’s a brief update about latest development in the process of pastoral transition. There are two important next steps.

The first thing is the hear from you. The Q&A scheduled for September 18 (link) will allow us (Reagan Waggoner and the other six members of the Senior Pastor’s Council) to hear what is important to you. Mainly, we want to know what you like about who we are. What brought you to this church? What values and practices stick out to you as a core part of our church? As we begin vetting potential candidates for Senior Pastor, these items will help guide our discernment.

The second thing has to do with how we will find candidates. In the next week we will complete a basic job posting / job description. This will be posted as broadly as we can to find as many prospects as possible. The plan at this point is to post the opening for 45 days. This means that we will most likely close this phase by sometime around the middle of October. Then the Senior Pastor’s Council will begin sorting through the candidates and exploring who we want to take a closer look at. How long this process will take is dependent largely on the number of applications we receive. We will keep you posted regarding what comes in.

In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions. Further, if you’d like to talk over coffee or schedule some time for a phone conversation, contact me (Reagan …

The Senior Pastor’s Council is the Board of Directors. Following the protocol in the church’s bylaws, they have assumed the role of search committee during this season.