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Caring For People through Prayer

Opportunities to Pray and Receive Prayer

Sunday Morning Prayer Team
Sunday Morning Prayer Team

Each Sunday after communion prayer teams will be located at the sides of the auditorium. Whether you would like prayer in response to the sermon, for healing, for life’s difficulties, or simply want refreshment from the Holy Spirit, these teams are eager to join with you in prayer.

Hearts Set Free

Extended prayer is available by appointment each Sunday before the service from 8:45 – 9:45. This model is listening prayer, with a trained team listening to the Holy Spirit for direction. For any type of need- spiritual, emotion, physical, etc.If you’d like to make an appointment, click the link below.

Please include you’re name, contact information, and when you would like to schedule a prayer session with Hearts Set Free. Feel free to include any other information or questions you have.

Need Additional Resources?

Therapy, Healing Prayer, Grief Counseling, and Spiritual Direction

Gbade Obisesan – Spiritual Director

Celeste Boudreaux Spiritual Director

Keith Boudreaux – Licensed Therapist

Kris Miller- Pastor/Educator

Beth Willhelm – Hospice and Vineyard Trained Bereavement Facilitator

Rhonda Baldry – Hearts Set Free

Diane Murrell– Hearts Set Free