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How to Connect in The Vineyard Church

Here's How to Connect at The Vineyard Church ...

We want to help you connect at The Vineyard Church. These things are designed to help you flourish in your relationship with Jesus. The church-y word for this is "discipleship." The author Eugene Peterson calls it a "long obedience in the same direction." Whatever we call it, we believe that the life of faith is best lived out in the community and with intentionality. Each of the things below helps you connect and partner with us in our mission as we grow together.


Thanks so much for checking us out. We look forward to getting to know you and learning how we can support you and your family on this journey.

Would you take a few minutes and introduce yourself? We’d love to connect with you.

Join a Small Group

Small Groups at the Vineyard Church of Sugar Land/Stafford exist to be communities of extravagant love where all people are drawn into a thriving relationship with Jesus. We do this by following Jesus together. Most groups meet weekly during our Small Group Series for 6-weeks at a time at the building. During the series, we provide breakfast and childcare. Between series, most groups meet monthly for fellowship. There are also some small groups that meet weekly in homes. Click the button below to find a group.

Become a Partner

Church is about connecting with other people to join God’s mission in the world. Our mission as a church is to be a community of God’s extravagant love where life in the trinity happens.

Partnership is our way of expressing what it means to make a commitment to this mission. It is a community to connect, to grow, to serve, and to give. All of this means joining something bigger than yourself to make a mark on our world.

To find out more about partnership, click the link below.

Find a Place to Serve

We are all uniquely made with a special blend of interests, experiences, and skills. Life takes on purpose when we learn to use these to make a difference in the world. Being part of a church community is enriched by joining with other people to take on challenges, fill needs, and serve.

The Apostle Paul instructs us to do everything in love. So, whether setting up coffee, teaching our children, playing drums in the band, packing manna bags, or any other important service in the church … we are living out our calling.

To discover places to serve, click the button below.


Help support the ministries of the Vineyard Church through financial generosity. As we seek to best steward our mission in our community, it takes financial resources that come from generous and sacrificial gifts from our partners. On one hand it’s highly practical. Churches try to responsibly extend our resources into missions partnerships, compassion and justice, and ministry to our kids and youth. It also takes staff and facilities to care for people, coordinate resources, and plan great ministries. And the unglamorous realities is that building have to be cleaned and air-conditioners fixed.

Oh, and the Bible has lots to say about giving and generosity. It seems to be an important part of growing as a disciple. As you grow in connection with the church, would you also partner with us in financial giving? Click the link below to find out how to give.